5 Meaningful Gifts that Don't Cost a Thing

The best things (and gifts) in life really are free. Here are 5 inspiring ways to give someone you care about a gift that’s full of love and meaning, but which doesn’t cost a thing.

Make them a playlist 

Curate a special customised playlist to share with them. It can include anything and everything from songs that remind you of special moments together, those with meaningful messages in the lyrics and sharing new music that you think they will enjoy.

Give your time and attention 

Time is a valuable currency and spending quality time with someone is one of the truest gifts you can give. Whether you make it a regular commitment to catching up weekly over the phone (for those who live far), set aside a day or weekend away together, or simply have an hour of power that free from other distractions to connect, giving your time and attention will fill both your cups.

Write our meaningful memories

Put pen to paper and write down one or more precious memories you have shared together. You could write them in a card, on a beautiful piece of paper, or individual memories and inside jokes on separate small notes that you fold up and pop inside a jar with a bow for them to draw from whenever they feel like reading one!

Cook for them

Whether it’s a home cooked meal or a batch of cookies baked with love and delivered to their door, cooking for a special someone is a beautiful gifting gesture that will always make them feel cared for.

Create a handpicked bouquet  

You don’t need to spend a fortune at a florist to brighten someone’s day with flowers. There’s something different about the organic beauty of a hand crafted bunch of flora. Head out into your garden or nature and collect an assortment of flowers and green foliage, then bind together with a beautiful ribbon before gifting.