Can You Use Prenatal Vitamins for Hair Growth?

Prenatal supplements are a go-to for millions of expecting mothers across the globe. Full of essential vitamins and nutrients like Folic Acid and Vitamin D, they have been touted to promote stronger, healthier hair growth — even for those who aren’t expecting a baby. 

Is there any truth to this? Or is it just bad advice?

We’ll unpack this theory — whether there’s any science behind it, if it’s effective and safe, and what other options are available for those looking to give their locks a little extra TLC. 

What Are Prenatal Vitamins?

Before we get into the relationship between prenatal vitamins and hair growth, here’s a quick overview of what prenatal vitamins actually are.

Prenatal vitamins are a specific type of dietary supplement formulated for pregnant people and those trying to conceive. They are made up of a variety of vitamins and minerals that are essential to fetal development.

These formulations typically contain:

  • Folic Acid: One of the B vitamins that helps the body generate new cells
  • Iron: A mineral that is essential in making a protein called hemoglobin, which aids red blood cells in carrying oxygen throughout the body
  • Calcium: A mineral that’s instrumental in areas of the body, bones and teeth, muscles, blood, the heart and nerves
  • Vitamin D: Mainly known to support healthy bones and immune system function

Prenatal vitamins were developed as a specialized supplement to cater to the unique nutritional needs of pregnant individuals. As pregnancy has a significant effect on the biochemistry of the body, vitamins and minerals in targeted amounts are necessary to ensure optimal maternal health as well as the health of the developing baby.

Do Prenatal Vitamins Promote Hair Growth?

The supposed link between prenatal vitamins and hair growth stems from two main factors:

Prenatal Vitamins Usually Contain Biotin

Vitamin B7 commonly called “Biotin,” is a nutrient widely known for its key role in the growth, maintenance, and overall health of hair, skin, and nails. Biotin is often found in prenatal vitamin formulations and in various products marketed as “hair growth promoting.”

While inconclusive, some studies have identified a correlation between biotin and stronger, thicker-looking hair.

The Contents of Prenatal Vitamins Are Often Associated With Hair Health

A few of the nutrients often found in prenatal vitamins, such as iron and vitamin D, have been shown to be beneficial for hair growth. Vitamin D helps to maintain healthy hair follicles, while iron aids in producing hemoglobin, a protein that transports oxygen to the scalp.

While there is a connection between these nutrients and hair health, their true value lies in supporting overall health and wellbeing. An individual who maintains good overall health is more likely to have healthy hair growth.

Why Does Hair Often Look Thicker During Pregnancy?

Although some evidence may suggest that prenatal vitamins promote hair growth, it’s important to note that a pregnant woman’s hair may look different due to a variety of factors rather than the vitamins they are taking.

During pregnancy, blood flow is increased around the body, resulting in a better supply of oxygen and nutrients to the scalp. A nourished scalp correlates with better hair growth. There’s also a change in hormones during pregnancy that leads to a change in the character of hair. 

Specifically, the increase in estrogen keeps the hair follicles in something called the anagen phase, the “growth” stage of the hair follicle cycle.

This is where the theory likely came from — people falsely attributed the increase in hair volume and density to the supplements pregnant women took rather than understanding the natural factors behind the changes.

Are There Any Safety Concerns With Prenatal Vitamins?

While prenatal vitamins are generally considered safe for those who are pregnant and their developing fetuses, non-pregnant people should be cautious. Short-term use of prenatal vitamins is likely harmless, but over time, use of these products by those trying to promote hair growth can produce some unwanted side effects.

The main risk with long-term consumption of prenatal vitamins is their high doses of specific nutrients. For example, it’s not unlikely for a prenatal vitamin to have more vitamin A than the recommended daily dose. While vitamin A is usually safe, taking too much of it can be toxic and lead to liver damage.

Another primary concern is the potential medication interactions. Most prenatal supplements contain iron, which has the potential to interfere with the absorption of some thyroid medications and some antibiotics.

If you are considering taking prenatal vitamins, or any long-term supplement, it’s always a good idea to check with your healthcare provider if it’s appropriate and safe for your specific needs.

What Supplements Are Best for Hair Growth?

If you’re looking for something to incorporate into your daily routine that will boost the health of your hair, JSHealth has you covered. We offer an array of expertly crafted products to support hair health from the inside-out.

Here are a few of our most-loved hair care products:

Hair + Energy Formula Capsules

This oral supplement is a best-seller, and for good reason. The Hair + Energy Formula capsules, designed for both men and women, contain a combination of Iodine derived from our exclusive JSHealth Kelp™ and Zinc.

Iodine has been proven to maintain and support hair health and aid in energy levels, body metabolism and thyroid gland function. Zinc is linked to hair thickness and strength, as well as skin and nail health.

Hair + Libido Formula Capsules

We’ve taken our original Hair + Energy formula and elevated it to a whole new level by adding two powerful ingredients.

Along with hair-boosting Iodine and Zinc, the Hair + Libido Formula contains Tribulus, an herb traditionally used to support healthy libido and maintain sexual function, and Ginkgo, an herb that supports blood circulation and mental function.

Purifying Vitamin Shampoo

You can also nourish your hair with our Purifying Vitamin Shampoo. Pro-Vitamin B5, Vegan Keratin and Aloe Vera work together to support your scalp and hair health. Here’s a closer look at: 

Pro-Vitamin B5: A multifunctional vitamin that supports the skin and hair. It moisturizes, soothes and repairs down to the scalp.

Vegan Keratin: The hydrolyzed vegetable protein and peptides within this powerhouse ingredient help to smooth, protect and rejuvenate the hair shaft. In a research study, our special vegan form of keratin helped with hair breakage by around 30 percent compared to the placebo group.

Aloe Vera: Our Aloe Vera extract delivers amino acids and natural enzymes to your hair and scalp. These elements soothe irritation on the skin, calming the scalp and balancing hair oils.

Other ingredients in our Purifying Vitamin Shampoo include Vitamin C, Calendula, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E and Frankincense.

Nourishing Vitamin Conditioner

The perfect compliment to our Purifying Vitamin Shampoo is the Nourishing Vitamin Conditioner. It uses an advanced nutrient molecule delivery system to restore and provide shine to the hair shafts. It does this by harnessing:

Vitamin C + E: This dynamic duo brings antioxidant protection to the scalp and hair by guarding against free radicals from the environment. Research has shown that Vitamin C can support hair follicle growth, and when combined with Vitamin E, they work synergistically to soothe irritation on the scalp.

Argan Oil: This special oil makes the hair feel and look good. It smoothes and softens the hair shaft, while providing a high refractive index, which imparts a high shine to surfaces. An added bonus of argan oil is that it also moisturizes the scalp.

Why JSHealth Is Different

Our team of experts is dedicated to creating the most effective vitamin formulas. Each product contains carefully selected ingredients and is based on a vast breadth of knowledge and research.

We put quality above all — we promise never to sacrifice quality to save costs. Every formula is designed with supporting your wellbeing and confidence at the forefront.

The Verdict

Prenatal Supplements are designed specifically for those currently pregnant or are actively trying to become pregnant. While they may contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals known to factor into hair growth, ultimately, they are not appropriate for those who are not pregnant.

Taking vitamins designed for pregnant people may not be as effective for those who are not pregnant. Additionally, excessive and long-term consumption of certain vitamins can be harmful, particularly for those who already have sufficient levels through adequate dietary intake.

To stay on the safe side, it’s always best to choose supplements that are specifically designed to support hair health and that are appropriate for your needs. Don’t hesitate to consult with your healthcare professional if you’re unsure about which product to choose — they can help you make the best choice for your unique situation. 

Remember, healthy hair is just one part of your overall wellbeing, and taking care of your body from the inside-out is key. 

JSHealth offers a great selection of supplements and other products that promote hair growth, strength, and overall health. 


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