Embracing the Sober Curious Life

Embracing a mindful and nourishing lifestyle, the ’sober curious’ movement is a growing social movement that encourages us to approach our relationship with alcohol in a more conscious way, with some abstaining from consuming it altogether. 

The phenomenon has sparked headlines and health conscious conversations – capturing the attention of many seeking positive change. Our guide is here to help bring you closer to a more intentional relationship with alcohol and the choices we make to nourish our bodies. 

Research suggests that those who reduce their alcohol consumption may experience a range of health benefits, including greater mental clarity, improved concentration and focus, more restful sleep, and higher energy levels.*

So, what does it mean to live a ‘sober curious’ life, exactly? 

Understanding Your Relationship With Alcohol

The key message behind the sober curious lifestyle is to be ‘curious’ about what it means to explore social events, celebrate milestones, connect with others, and enjoy special occasions without the need for the 'social default' of an alcoholic beverage. 

That being said, this doesn’t necessarily mean going 'cold turkey' and giving up alcohol altogether. Rather, it suggests taking a step back to reassess your relationship with your drinking habits, and adjusting the amount of alcohol consumed accordingly.  

In other words, it’s about understanding your own personal relationship with alcohol and making the conscious decision to drink responsibly – or not at all. It is a transformative journey that invites self reflection, self care, and a deeper understanding of your personal wellbeing.

Establishing Positive Habits 

The first step to living the sober curious lifestyle is understanding and establishing positive habits around your relationship with alcohol. It’s important to be conscious about why you drink, when you drink, and how often you drink – then to use this knowledge as the foundation to build your own personal habits and boundaries. 

Creating an intentional plan for yourself, such as having alcohol-free days or limiting the amount of drinks consumed at one time, can help you gradually adjust your relationship with alcohol until it’s in line with the lifestyle that resonates most with you and your values.

It's important to note that balanced nutrition and excess alcohol do not mix well. The body stores alcohol first, meaning that carbohydrates and fats can't be broken down until all of the alcohol is processed rather than being used as fuel. This can leave you feeling sluggish, tired, and unmotivated.

The sober curious lifestyle doesn’t have to be a lonely one – see it as an opportunity to connect with yourself and your relationships in deeper, more meaningful ways than ever before. Why not make it a group effort? Get your family and friends involved! This will not only make the journey to better health more fun, but will also help to keep you all accountable to stick to your goals.

Ways to Nourish Your Body + Mind Without Drinking

One of the greatest benefits of embracing a sober curious lifestyle is having more time and energy (goodbye hangover days!) to nourish your body and mind with healthy habits on a regular basis. This could be anything from yoga, meditation, and journaling for mental clarity; to going on hikes, attending spin classes, or eating nutritious meals for physical wellness. 

The beauty in choosing activities that are both enjoyable and beneficial for your wellbeing is that you can use them as alternative social activities when out with friends. You’ll also find that there are many ways to still enjoy social occasions while eliminating unhealthy drinking habits - such as exploring different cuisines at various restaurants, attending workshops, playing sports, or enjoying outdoor picnics together! 

Once the sun goes down, swap the alcohol for non-alcoholic beverage options, such as freshly squeezed juices, sparkling waters, or mocktails. Try our passionfruit-flavored Vitality X Kombucha mocktail recipe. Not only is it refreshing and delicious, but it's bursting with gut-loving probiotics, vitamins, and minerals to keep you feeling energized and hydrated.

Even though past habits may make it tempting to unwind or hibernate with a glass of red wine at night, try switching it for a warming cup of herbal tea instead. Your body will thank you for this! As with everything, cut down slowly – health is a journey and a lifestyle, not a fad.

By challenging yourself to try new things and enjoy different experiences without alcohol, you can gain greater insight into understanding both yourself and what makes you feel good - ultimately paving the way towards a healthier relationship with alcohol, longer-term. 

Creating Balance 

When it comes to living a more conscious and balanced lifestyle, the key is to work towards making long-term, lasting changes. It's about shifting your mindset and focusing on creating positive habits that will serve you for years to come.

Believe in you! You are powerful, and as your thoughts and intentions align with your actions and reality, you'll begin to feel more in control and comfortable with your decisions. The sober curious lifestyle isn't about depriving yourself of all the ‘fun’ and social events; it’s about creating an intentional relationship with alcohol that resonates most with you – along with countless opportunities to nourish your body and mind without relying on drinking habits to get you through.

Whether it’s having a drink occasionally, socially, or skipping alcohol altogether, the key takeaway is that it’s for you to decide what feels best. Be kind and be patient with yourself, always.


*de Visser RO, Piper R. Short- and Longer-Term Benefits of Temporary Alcohol Abstinence During 'Dry January' Are Not Also Observed Among Adult Drinkers in the General Population: Prospective Cohort Study. Alcohol Alcohol. 2020;55(4):433-8.